IT Security.
Incident Response.

We are a specialized company focusing on information security, carrying out penetration tests, supporting our customers with incident response and advising them in the German-speaking countries on information and IT security questions.


Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of IT security.

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Our Services

We are a specialized company focusing on information security.
Our main fields of activity include:

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Benefit from our Expertise

In addition to the long-standing experience with customers, several cirosec employees are also known as authors of books and articles. Many of them are also known for giving talks at various events and conferences. Likewise, research is a regular part of our employees’ work.

Has Your System Been Attacked?

If you have been the victim of a cyber attack, contact our specialists. With an appropriate contract, you can reach us 24/7 in an emergency.


All-Around Security

We offer a broad portfolio of various services and are able to respond individually to your needs and requirements.

Security for the Cloud and from the Cloud

We assist you with the creation of concepts, consulting on choosing the most suitable solution, security analyses, and trainings on the security both in the Azure and AWS clouds as well as for Office 365.

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Protection against Targeted Attacks

If you want to find out how well your company is protected against today’s malware and identify the most useful measures and techniques to reach the level of protection you require, we can help you by creating a malware protection analysis or concept.

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Vulnerability & Risk Management

We will be happy to support you in designing and selecting a technology that is appropriate for your company and we can also implement it if you wish.

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Office 365 Security

We consult you about the implementation and secure operation of Office 365. In addition, we offer a two-day training on this topic.

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We know all the details about these modern approaches and products, as well as their actual effectiveness and their limits. We are happy to assist you in analyzing, designing and implementing suitable protective measures.

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360-Degree Analysis

The 360-degree analysis aims to gather information on the existing applications, IT infrastructure, protective measures that have been taken and IT-security-relevant processes in an overall context to identify and evaluate potential attack vectors and vulnerabilities.

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Do you want to protect your systems? Get in touch with us.