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Consulting, Concepts, Reviews and Analyses

We have many years of experience in providing consulting for complex security environments as well as in designing and analyzing them.

Not only do we conduct regular risk analyses, but we also recommend measures, develop architectures and vendor-independent IT security concepts, and evaluate existing concepts and policies in the following areas, for example:

360-Degree Analysis

If you want to have your current security level evaluated in its entirety by external, independent experts, you have come to the right place. A 360-degree analysis is the ideal context for this. It includes a one-day workshop, followed by an analysis and documentation.

The 360-degree analysis aims to gather information on the existing applications, IT infrastructure, protective measures that have been taken and IT-security-relevant processes in an overall context to identify and evaluate potential attack vectors and vulnerabilities.

In line with common standards, the following topics will be covered, for example:

  • Protection of business-critical applications
  • Network security
  • Security in the production environment
  • Security of endpoints like clients, servers, smartphones, printers, …
  • Protection from malware
  • Secure IT operations (administration concept, permission assignment, vulnerability and patch management, security monitoring, etc.)
  • Security in the cloud
  • Security management (ISMS, policies, risk management, service provider management, etc.)
  • Information protection
  • Secure development
  • Physical security

There is no rigid pattern for the 360-degree workshop. Our consultants are also happy to consider and discuss your current key topics and questions.

Following the workshop, we will prioritize the findings, and we will determine and document technical and organizational recommendations for possible measures.

On request, the results can also be used to carry out a detailed structured threat and risk analysis.

The results of the 360-degree analysis will show to security managers the possible fields of action according to priority.

Building Your Own SOC and Incident Response Team

Detecting security incidents early and reacting appropriately is becoming increasingly important. Having the right sensors and detection technologies for this is only the first step. It also requires competent staff, defined processes and additional technical infrastructure to verify alarms and handle incidents.

We assist you with setting up your own security operations center or choosing a suitable service provider.

Plenty of offers for MDR or Managed SOC services are currently on the market. For choosing the one that suits your company best, it is crucial to ask the right questions. Offers differ in terms of the architectures and operating models used and must be suitable for a client’s situation and infrastructure.

Together with you, we will create the right catalog of requirements and questionnaires to evaluate the offers and help to avoid expensive mistakes.

But not everything can be outsourced to external service providers. We can explain which roles and processes for incident response need to be set up internally in order to be able to defend yourself effectively in case of an attack. Also, we can assist with the setup and training of an internal incident response team.

Protection against Targeted Attacks (APTs) und Modern Malware

Today, enterprises are constantly exposed to APTs or targeted attacks in which professional and individual malware is used.

As a possible solution, the market offers many different technical approaches for detection and response, but also new prevention mechanisms.

If you want to find out how well your company is protected against today’s malware and identify the most useful measures and techniques to reach the level of protection you require, we can help you by creating a malware protection analysis or concept.

In an initial workshop, we will first determine the current situation at your company in terms of malware protection. This workshop will also provide you with an overview of the current threat situation and the methods available today to detect and block malware.

The information gathered will be used in an effectiveness matrix, derived in a structured way, to evaluate both the current technical situation and the malware protection policies that are already implemented.

This will then be used as a basis to create a comprehensible suggestion for an economic as well as effective improvement of malware protection. In doing so, it is also possible to transparently compare different options and scenarios.

Moreover, we advise you on the possible implementation of protective technologies.

Security for the Cloud and from the Cloud, SASE/SSE, CASB, etc.

Using the cloud is playing an ever bigger role now in Germany, too. More and more companies are using Microsoft Teams and Office 365 or are operating their own applications in the Azure or AWS cloud.

New threats and specific security controls are relevant in the cloud, and they require detailed understanding of the security aspects relevant in the respective cloud environment.

Security controls like mail security gateways or web proxies are also increasingly often used as cloud services and are meanwhile getting marketed as SASE or SSE solution by almost every large vendor.

We assist you with the creation of concepts, consulting on choosing the most suitable solution, security analyses, and trainings on the security both in the Azure and AWS clouds as well as for Office 365.

Vulnerability and Risk Management

Vulnerabilities provide doors for hackers and malware to enter into a system or network. They mostly result from a bad configuration or errors in operating systems, network services or applications.

In practice, it is often necessary to weigh up the risk of a possible impact due to a vulnerability against the risk of a possible impact due to an improperly performed remediation. Just blindly installing service packs or patches must be replaced with remedying the vulnerabilities in a deliberate and targeted way. This is realized by systematically recording the actually existing vulnerabilities and evaluating them while taking the actual infrastructure, applications and business process into account.

Vulnerability management is a process supported by suitable tools that gathers, edits, evaluates and distributes information about vulnerabilities and controls their remediation.

We will be happy to support you in designing and selecting a technology that is appropriate for your company and we can also implement it if you wish.

Zero Trust

Zero trust paradigms and architectures say goodbye to the traditional implicit trust put in a seemingly secure internal network, in secure company devices or internal user accounts. Instead of regarding access from the internal network as secure, zero trust means that both the context and risk of access are considered as well as the security status of the source, and also observing the behavior when access takes place, which allows us to act immediately in case of anomalies.

Zero trust therefore is no product that can simply be purchased but a range of ideas that should be taken into account when IT structures are developed further.

We gladly consult you on what this term is all about and how you can better secure your company IT in accordance with zero trust.

Traceability and Control of Administrative Access

Administrators often have unrestricted access to a wide range of company data. They can access, modify, delete or send data, which may result in uncontrolled data leakage.

The market has been providing technical solutions for several years, which ensure the traceability and control of administrative access.

We support you in creating a concept, in evaluating and integrating it, and we can also provide you with the relevant products.


In the age of targeted attacks and APTs, the technologies available for the protection of endpoints are in a constant state of flux.

Endpoint and extended detection & response (EDR, XDR) aim at detecting compromised systems and supporting incident response.

EDR solutions are installed on the endpoint and monitor the behavior of all processes. What is important is not the users’ behavior but the technical processes like access to files and the registry, communication, starting of processes, manipulation of the storage of processes and much more.

All these operations are considered in an overall context, often also using modern AI techniques, in order to detect a hacking attack or malware.

When an EDR solution is managed in the vendor’s cloud and when additional security products are integrated in the same management besides the EDR agent and are being analyzed together, this is typically called extended detection & response (XDR).

Often, vendors also offer a managed service for this, calling the whole package managed detection & response (MDR).

We know all the details about these modern approaches and products, as well as their actual effectiveness and their limits. We are happy to assist you in analyzing, designing and implementing suitable protective measures.

IoT and Industry 4.0

An increasing number of things in our daily life, in a company’s building or in production are getting networked and communicate via the Internet.

We assess the security of these devices and their related apps as well as of cloud services for our customers. We create concepts for the integration and secure operation of the devices and advise you on all security-relevant topics arising in this innovative segment.

We will also gladly assist you in implementing IT security in automation (IEC 62443).

Security of Smartphones, Tablets and Apps

  • Security assessment of mobile apps
  • Development of an individual threat and risk analysis for the use of mobile devices in your company
  • Demonstration of attacks on smartphones and other awareness measures
  • Requirement engineering and design of appropriate measures
  • Development of policies, procedures, minimum requirements and concepts
  • Comparison and selection of MDM solutions, sandbox systems or solutions for document access and printing on smartphones / tablets
  • Development of overall concepts ranging from network access and WLAN, device management up to certificate infrastructure and required apps

Protection of Web Applications, Portals and Web Services

Not only do flaws in application security threaten the application, but they might often also affect the back-end systems involved or the entire internal IT. For this reason, the protection of applications, portals and web services is essential to the IT infrastructures of most modern companies.

We will gladly support you in designing, selecting and implementing an appropriate solution.

Thanks to our long-standing experience in the field of audits and penetration tests, we are able to comprehensively examine your web applications, portals and web services for potential vulnerabilities.

This way we ensure that you find your vulnerabilities and close the gaps before an attacker can find and exploit them.

ISMS Consulting and Analysis

ISO 27001, Risk Management, Processes, Policies, Guidelines

Today, most information is stored and processed using information technology. In addition, business processes in companies are usually highly dependent on well-working IT systems. Identifying and assessing the risks resulting from the use of information technology and attaining the desired level of protection requires professional information security management. It must be supported by the executive management, lived as a process throughout the company and integrated into the corporate security system.

Overview of the services we offer in information security and risk management:

  • Planning and implementation of the ISMS
  • ISMS evaluation and analysis
  • Preparation for certification in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001
  • Risk management
  • Trainings and awareness programs

Office 365 Security

Office 365 is way more than Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams. Behind the applications, which are installed on the endpoints, a whole range of cloud services operates together to make all the collaboration features even possible – for instance, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Entra ID.

We consult you about the implementation and secure operation of Office 365.

In addition, we offer a two-day training on this topic. For further information, please click here.

Active Directory Security

For most companies, Active Directory is one of the most critical components for security. Its architecture, the AD tiering or the initial setup of the suitable tiers as well as the assessment of the secure configuration are important aspects with which we regularly assist our customers.

Do you want to protect your systems? Get in touch with us.